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Hello & welcome to my blog!^^ Here is where I share my cheki~ Check out the "my cheki" link to the left to see all the cheki i've uploaded thus far!Bands I follow: ROYZ, DIV, VNEU, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, DAIZYSTRIPPER, MEJIBRAY, MORAN, GAZETTE, BIOSPHIA, D=OUT, A9, GOTCHAROCKA, CAPELLA, & more! よろしくね ~!♫ ~ヽ(*・ω・)ノ ~ ♫ I ♥ Royz Kazuki~!!! He is my absolute favourite guy among all bandmen, you can ask me why, but even I don't know!x)

Still a little sad reyrey didn’t join royz officially by the end. His presence made moru’s absence muuuch less painful. I wonder if other people also thought he kinda resembled moru too.

Hahaaha my friend took this cheki of me back in august and i tried to emulate a vkei bandman in it. xD 


BugLug on the front cover of November 2014 issue of「Cure Vol.134」magazine with Yugiri of DaizyStripper on the back cover.

This issue also features artists such as Moran, MEJIBRAY, Sadie, AN CAFE, Kiryu, R-shitei, UNiTE., DuelJewel, the Raid., LEZARD, AvelCain, REALies, 弾丸 NO LIMIT, DOG inThePWO and many more.

This magazine will be released on September 20th, 2014.


Royz at Shibuya Koukaidou
September 13th 2014
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

This is only the main part without encore!

The quality was quite bad but it gets a bit better after a while…

Royz tour final Shibuya Koukaidou


Koudai’s blog entry,
2014-09-14, 20:34

Thank you for today.


This tour was really Royz-like.

Royz changed on June 6th
and we were rushing without knowing anything at all.
But looking back now, it was a summer that let me gain more than ever before.

Kazuki departed
and Kuina had to…


Subaru - New Outfit