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Hello & welcome to my blog!^^ Here is where I share my cheki~ Check out the "my cheki" link to the left to see all the cheki i've uploaded thus far!Bands I follow: ROYZ, DIV, VNEU, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, DAIZYSTRIPPER, MEJIBRAY, MORAN, GAZETTE, BIOSPHIA, D=OUT, A9, GOTCHAROCKA, CAPELLA, & more! よろしくね ~!♫ ~ヽ(*・ω・)ノ ~ ♫ I ♥ Royz Kazuki~!!! He is my absolute favourite guy among all bandmen, you can ask me why, but even I don't know!x)

omggg~ <3


Cure Vol.133
Cover : DIV
Back cover : Mahiro (Kiryu) x yo-ka (DIAURA) x Subaru (Royz) x Jui (GOTCHAROCKA) x Mitsu (v[NEU])

ええと、 i have a twitter~ (which i don’t really use..) I would use it more if I had people to talk to haha! So come follow meee [x]~ (*´・ω・)♡



Selling the following trading cards and cheki~! *Please read the following before buying! I can only accept paypal. First come first serve. No Trades** or Holds longer than 48 hours (But I may make exceptions). Items will be mailed from Canada via normal mail. All prices are in Canadian Dollar…


ohhh myyy thank you!! (/ω\)

Semi complete look in these selfies but I’m dressing up vkei style for animethon again~!
There’s actually purple in my hair too! (but you can’t really see it in these pics dammit..) xD

Soo excited to meet An Cafe and Magastina Saga!!


MEJIBRAY -「シアトリカル・ブルーブラック」Spot Video

Wheeeeee new batch of Nokubura chekis arrived today~!
I finally got my hands on their newest look plus some others~ 

I will probably be selling some later! (I decided I shouldn’t hoard so many cheki anymore~ >.<) Please check my sales post for regular updates! :)


2014/07/31: Summer Oneman Tour “CRISIS CORE” at Matsuyama Salon Kitty


2014/08/02: Summer Oneman Tour “CRISIS CORE” at Takamatsu DIME


2014/07/23: Summer Oneman Tour “CRISIS CORE” at Okayama IMAGE


2014/08/01: Instore event at DUKE Shop Matsuyama


2014/08/03: Instore event at DUKE Shop Takamatsu, Tomoya-produce


2014/08/03: Instore event at DUKE Shop Takamatsu, Tomoya-produce