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Hello & welcome to my blog!^^ Here is where I share my cheki~ Check out the "my cheki" link to the left to see all the cheki i've uploaded thus far!Bands I follow: ROYZ, DIV, VNEU, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, DAIZYSTRIPPER, MEJIBRAY, MORAN, GAZETTE, BIOSPHIA, D=OUT, A9, GOTCHAROCKA, CAPELLA, & more! よろしくね ~!♫ ~ヽ(*・ω・)ノ ~ ♫ I ♥ Royz Kazuki~!!! He is my absolute favourite guy among all bandmen, you can ask me why, but even I don't know!x) D=out's Hikaru is actually a very close second tho O__o


Royz @tokimeki ☆ viju night on April 22nd 2014
This is part 3!

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The first half of the third part they’re talking about that… “cheer” bands are doing before lives.
The second half of this part they’re talking about another mail. It’s a girl  who just started playing the guitar in high school and is scared now because she doesn’t know a lot about it. I think she’s in an orchestra-like course. Actually the question was for Kazuki and Kuina as guitarists but of course Subaru starts talking as if he’s the only guitarist there ;D Kazuki says that it’s most important to enjoy playing the guitar. He says that he started playing the guitar in 3rd year of middle school (14/15 years old). Kuina’s advice is: “Start with songs you like!”


Royz @ tokimekimachi ☆ viju night on April 22nd 2014
This is part 2!

Watch the other parts:
part 1 (with summary)
part 3 (with summary)


summary part 2:

Topic of part 2: A legendary episode of your band-life!

1st: “Koudai carry loss!”

They are talking about their asia tour and how Koudai lost his luggage. When they arrived in Beijing all went to get their luggage only Koudai’s wasn’t there. And Subaru loves to tell that Koudai had no pants xD The airport staff said they would send Koudai’s luggage to Shenzhen where they had their next live after Beijing but it didn’t arrive. Even though Koudai was writing his name in really huge letters on his stuff it didn’t arrive… But it seems like in the end it has been found because of that.

2nd: “Kazuki forgot his passport!”
That was also on their asia tour and actually they’re telling a actually short story in a quite long way xD When they left for the airport they were asked several times if they have their passports and of course everyone was like “sure sure sure…”. In the end Kazuki couldn’t find his anymore and searched everywhere and he was already scared that the others would leave without him. In the end his passport was in a hidden pocket of his bag.


Royz @tokimeki ☆ viju night on April 22nd 2014
This is part 1!

Watch the other parts:
part 2
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summary of part 1:

1st mail: The first mail comes from a fan living on Hokkaido. She (I guess it’s a girl…) says that she just graduated from elementary school and is in middle school now. But she’s so scared of her Sempai that she can’t leave the classroom.
The members talk about
Kuina who was blonde in elementary and middle school. At his first day in middle school he was surrounded by three Sempai and was scared but they just wanted to welcome him xD

2nd mail: The fan says he/she likes animals. Lately he/she’s wondering, if you compare Royz to animals, what animals would they be.
The fans decide through comments at nico that Subaru would be a Chihuahua, Kuina a crow and Kazuki a bear [they probably mean a rilakkuma-like bear xD] After that they’re talking about Kazuki’s rilakkuma-accessory.

Royz: Kazuki

Wheeee instore cheki~! nasugya always gets me nice morus~ tyty!


Hikaru of D=OUT at their in-store event at Jishuban Club on Apr. 18th, 2014.


Royz’s in-store event at Brand X Ikebukuro store on Apr. 18th, 2014.


Members of Royz at their in-store event at Brand X Ikebukuro store on Apr. 18th, 2014.


Backstage photo of MiA of MEJIBRAY at the live event「サクラ心中 ~最終夜~」held at Takadanobaba AREA on Apr. 20th, 2014.